Shopping Guide

1.How to place an order on

The process is quick and easy!

Firstly, visit our web to find your favorite items, select the quantity, size and color for the items of your choice, and then click “Add To Cart”. In “Shopping Cart”, you can click the “Change Details” to change the quantity, size or color of any items, remember to click the “Update” button to confirm the updated information. If you want to add more items, please click the “Continue Shopping” and repeat the above steps, otherwise, please click the “Proceed To Checkout” to sign-in page;

Secondly, if you are a returning customer, please sign in with your account, you will see your whole order in detailed, including the order information, delivery address, payment methods and order total, here you can edit the delivery address and payment method before you submit your order, once all the information are confirmed, please click “Place Order” to proceed to checkout; if you are a new customer, please click the “Sign Up Now”, register for  account by entering your email address, password and the required shipping information, then click the “Submit” button to check your order detail to make sure all the information are correct and click “Place Order” to proceed to checkout.

Finally, once the order is successfully placed, and an email confirmation with the order invoice will be sent to you later.

You can check “Order History” and the updated order status at any time by signing into “My Account”.

2.What if my order items are out of stock?

If your order items are out of stock, we will inform you by email promptly, you can go to “My Account” to check your order status, then follow the instruction to modify your order as below:

A. If you want to modify the color, size or quantity of the unavailable item(s), just simply click “CHANGE DETAILS” to modify the relative information, then update your order;

B. If you want to replace the unavailable item(s) with the other item(s), please remove the unavailable item(s) from your shopping bag and select the replacement(s), then the system will recalculate the new total of your updated order, you will be notified to pay the extra payment or get back the overpayment;

C. If you don’t want to replace the unavailable item(s), you can remove it/them from your shopping bag directly, then the system will recalculate the new total of your updated order, you will be notified to get back the overpayment;

3.Can I edit my order or shipping information after I’ve placed an order?

To avoid the confusion, we are sorry that you couldn’t make any change of your order from “My Account” after your order have been submitted. If your order have not been shipped yet, however, you may be able to require the relevant change information by contacting Customer Service. To ensure speedy service, please have the following information ready when you contact our customer service:

1) Your order number and sign in email address
2) Exact product code on
3) Price of item as it appears on our site

We will remake arrangement for your order according to your updated information, but it will delay the processing of your order. Please note that if your order have already been sent out, any change are not allowed to the order.

4.In what situations we are not responsible for late delivery?

We will not be responsible for the late delivery in the following situations:
1) Customers do not clearly stated the order information or requirements such as color, size, and so on.
2) We have contacted our customer about the problems in his order, yet we have not got any reply from him, and as a result, the shipment exceed the lead time.

3) For Express Shipping most of them need recipients’ contact phone number, so please advise your phone No at “Instructions to merchant” or “Shipping details” when you pay via Paypal or credit card.  We will contact you via email if we couldn’t find your phone number but we don’t responsible for the delay because of no reply from you.

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