Johnny Depp’s First Trip to China

In Beijing, Depp jams with a local rock star, does some sculpting in the arts district, holds court with prominent Chinese artists and — yes — finds time to promote “Transcendence.”

Depp was mobbed by fans wherever he went but said he felt at home in China and could imagine living there.

The ‘Transcendence’ Red Carpet in Beijing
The scene at the red carpet “Transcendence” event that was held in a restored industrial space in Beijing’s arts district. The party, which featured Depp learning some Chinese, playing guitar and introducing the film’s themes, was taped and will air as a 60-minute primetime special on Zhejiang TV across China.

Johnny Depp and David Tao
Tao sang a cover of the 1990′s Chinese rock classic “Yi Wu Suo You” (“Nothing to My Name” — a powerful anthem for China’s younger generations, with some political overtones).

Johnny Depp and Dan Mintz
Johnny Depp and Dan Mintz talk as they tour the hutongs (the warren-like alleyways between Beijing’s traditional low-slung courtyard residences) in the city’s arts district.

Johnny Depp
Depp shared his views on acting with students from the Bejing Film Academy before a “House of Creativity” panel discussion in Beijing.